A Journey to Natural

A Journey to Natural


My all natural skincare, that I take everywhere with me

In October of 2017, I was diagnosed with a non-small cell lung cancer, stage IV (for those of you who are not familiar, there is no stage V). The news was devastating, since it was presented by oncologists who wanted to make sure that I don’t have false hope. They expected the chemotherapy to extend my life by a few months and deemed any surgical intervention outside of that useless, since it was too late (their exact words). After I got over the devastation of the news, I decided that it was not the only option, it couldn’t be! I couldn’t do this to my kids, husband, and parents. I decided to fight and do everything in my power to change the situation. I needed to change my attitude to a positive one and take things into my own hands.

First, I went to see a nutritionist, (my favorite doctor – Dr. Collins). He was the first and only doctor who looked at my scans and said: “You can do this.” He had a holistic approach, and helped me realize the importance of diet and environment. He was also the first doctor who actually took the time to explain to me what exactly cancer is, and how it functions. He advised me to start the ketogenic diet, and explained why.

So, I went hard core keto for three and a half years. And I started implementing lifestyle changes. I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive family, who also went on the ketogenic diet, in order to make it easier for me to stay on it. I started reading voraciously about everything that has to do with health – physical, mental, and emotional. I realized that I had gotten really sidetracked from a lot of things I had known to be good as a child, but somehow forgot. I read a ton of books, and I listened to numerous podcasts by the health experts and biohackers who became my gurus.

And the cleansing began. The hardest parts were the dietary changes. I realized that sugar is indeed the most addictive substance! But then, it appeared that the more I read, the more I realized that there is something bad in pretty much everything around us… Ah! But these things are so beautiful, so appetizing, so well presented. For instance, did you know that your favorite supermarket brand laundry detergent can cause you to have leaky gut?! That your extra protective chemically enhanced sunscreen is an endocrine disruptor, and will be killing fish and algae when you get in the water? That your plastic Tupperware will contaminate your food with toxins every time you microwave your lunch? Well, yeah, but is it really that bad?

The answer is yes. And most importantly, being on chemotherapy I could not afford to add any more toxins to my body. There is such a thing as a maximum toxic load that a human body can take, and I didn’t want to find out its irreversible limit. I had to change too many aspects of my life, so I had to prioritize. Right after the nutritional aspect, I tackled skincare and cosmetics. 

I was born in Bulgaria. I remember distinctly my grandmother and great grandmother, and all the natural, mainly rose-based beauty concoctions they had. But as most women nowadays, I was using my favorite chemical-filled brands, advertised by beautiful actresses and models. It was time to make the switch. This is how ViLAU entered my life. It was the perfect timing. I started looking into possible replacements for my precious expensive products, and had started making my own oil blends and face masks. One day, the stars aligned, our friends came to the house, and asked if creating natural skincare would be something that my daughters and I would be interested in. How perfect was that???

Now I know exactly what goes in my skincare and why. I know that we work with the best vendors, all of them organic and sustainable. We use the cleanest high quality products. We don’t use preservatives that are not natural. We have higher concentrations of “goodness” than any other brand that I know. All our products are Aloe Vera based, as opposed to most cosmetics, which are water based. Even our serums don’t contain water at all. None! We have integrated successfully our ancestral knowledge into our products, combining all of our various heritages. And I always get this little nostalgia, when I take a whiff of my hair, face or body lotion. I am so proud of the products that we offer, that I could write pages about them, about every single ingredient and its amazing benefits for you. However, I will allow you to discover that on your own, together with our efforts on the sustainability front, which is extremely important, as I realized on my journey.

To wrap up about my journey to everything natural, I kept going to the hospital as part of my treatment. Every time I saw my oncologist, he was surprised at how well I was doing. And I kept working on myself and my environment and education. Almost four years later, I am cancer-free. I believe that I am incredibly lucky! I also believe that the radical change of my eating habits, environment and way of thinking, and the enormous support I received from family and friends  contributed to my healing. My journey to natural is not over yet, there are many more things I need to upgrade to nature-made, one at a time.

Therefore, dear reader, it is never too early to embark on an all natural journey. Take my word for it! 

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