Affiliate Program


If you love natural skincare and want a cleaner planet, ViLAU’s affiliate program is for you!

ViLAU is a proudly woman owned business from the greater Houston area. Our goal with ViLAU is to show the world that there are natural, powerful alternatives to everyday skincare, whether it be to mediate the symptoms of skin problems, like psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea, to reducing wrinkles, sunspots, and most commonly- blemishes! We create these potent aloe vera based skincare/haircare formulations with a sustainable mindset. ViLAU was founded on the principles of using holistic family remedies passed down through generations to remedy various skin afflictions, while combining research and development to harness the natural antibacterial and antiviral properties of plants (plant power!). We produce 100% natural skincare, using organic ingredients that are sourced from the most optimal conditions. They’re sourced mainly around the U.S, and partly globally, with the aim to contribute to the local economy, as well as rural economies around the world. 

We value sustainability tremendously, and dissect it at every step of our value chain. We are on a journey to reach carbon neutrality by 2025. ViLAU aims to nourish skin as nature intended, by only using the purest, organic ingredients, in harmony with nature, and created on the basis of ancestral wisdom.

If you can relate to our core values and ideals, we are happy to welcome you to our team of Affiliates! Become part of the movement for better natural skincare products and a safer and cleaner planet, and start earning commissions now!


  • 10% commission on any purchase made using your unique link;
  • The personal satisfaction of making the world a better place, one great product at a time – priceless!

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