Doris A. Yanez is a Honduran native who calls Texas home since 1986. Her Latino heritage grounds her passion for family, tradition, and nature. As a mother of two spirited boys, she finds herself turning to nature to care for her family the same way that her mother and grandmother cared for her. Her ancestry continues to be very present in her belief that nature provides us with what we need to nourish our bodies and nurture our health to keep in sync with nature and avoid contaminants that weaken and harm us, as well as our planet.

Doris’ belief in relationship building, hard-work and loyalty is the reason she worked 17 years at Continental Airlines, first as a Spanish Interpreter Customer Service Representative and later as their in-house graphic designer after obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from Sam Houston State University in Texas. Her experience with multinational customers strengthened her skills in problem-solving, listening and understanding culturally diverse customer needs.

In her continuous pursuit to grow professionally and personally, she moved to Scotland where she obtained a Masters Degree in Design from Robert Gordon University in 2011. Doris has now started a new chapter in her life as an entrepreneur and business owner at ViLAU. She has taken all her knowledge and professional experience coupled with her beliefs, family ancestry and tradition to bring us pure, clean skincare that is healthy and safe for everyone in our family and our planet.