The base for every single formulation is pure, organic aloe vera. 

First of all, a little background on our key ingredient, we source our Aloe Vera from a completely self-sustaining farm in Colombia. Self sustaining how? The aloe vera is grown on the side of the mountains, facing a local pond that is used to irrigate the crops, and therefore collects the runoff water once it trickles back into the pond that sourced it. Not to mention, the natural fertilizer for the aloe vera is simple fallen passion fruit from the surrounding trees – it’s as simple, organic, and natural as that.The nutrients found in the pond water and passion fruit feeds the crops without harsh chemicals that would end up being absorbed by your skin. As an added bonus, we get to support a rural agricultural small business in Colombia. Every step counts in some way!

Finally, our other organic foreign ingredient includes the liquid gold of the planet- Rose Oil. This ingredient comes straight from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, where growing conditions are prime and the highest quality (and highest vibration) roses are produced. Rose Oil is a rare commodity that boasts plenty of benefits both physical and mental, used for thousands of years, once again, globally. You can’t get enough of the smell, I swear I can’t stop sniffing my hands once I apply our rose scented cream, I’m in another world.

And the rest of our ingredients are sourced within the US, but most proudly our honey comes from just around the corner, here in Houston TX. Honey is another one of those potent ingredients that has been used for centuries for its curative properties. Using local honey is important to us, since we want to maximize supporting local small businesses, while reducing our carbon footprint in terms of truck mileage.

Aloe and Honey