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We are taking it one step at a time, but we value every little change we make to make sure we reach our vision for sustainability. We are brand new in the natural skincare scene, but our mission is to have a green company, with products that demonstrate that nature does a better job at taking care of us that all the by-products of the industrialization and low cost chemistries.


A little background on our key ingredient, we source our Aloe Vera from a completely self-sustaining farm in Colombia. Self sustaining how? The aloe vera is grown on the side of the mountains, facing a local pond that is used to irrigate the crops, and therefore collects the runoff water once it trickles back into the pond that sourced it. Not to mention, the natural fertilizer for the aloe vera is simple fallen passion fruit from the surrounding trees – it’s as simple, organic, and natural as that.The nutrients found in the pond water and passion fruit feeds the crops without harsh chemicals that would end up being absorbed by your skin. As an added bonus, we get to support a rural agricultural small business in Colombia. Every step counts in some way!

Another one of our organic ingredients includes the liquid gold of the planet- Rose Oil. This ingredient comes straight from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, where growing conditions are prime and the highest quality (and highest vibration) roses are produced. Rose Oil is a rare commodity that boasts plenty of benefits both physical and mental, used for thousands of years, once again, globally.

And the rest of our ingredients are sourced within the United States, but most proudly our honey comes from just around the corner, here in Houston TX. Honey is another one of those potent ingredients that has been used for centuries for its curative properties. Using local honey is important to us, since we want to maximize supporting local small businesses, while reducing our carbon footprint in terms of truck mileage. Reed Honey Co., our honey suppliers, who started their business about 30 years ago. Currently caring for 6000 bee colonies, they stay away from farms, and only let their bees pollinate in south Texas, where they pollinate exclusively Wildflowers, in order to avoid any chemical contamination from farmed crops. Additionally, the bees are kept away from urban areas and farms that are sprayed for mosquitos. So, our incredible honey is rich, dark Wildflower honey, made exclusively in Texas. We love it!


  • All of our serums are entirely waterless (waterless). We do not add any water to these formulations for two reasons:
    1. The world is facing a global water scarcity crisis. ¼ of the Globe lives in Economic Water Scarcity, and ⅕ of the world lives in Physical Water Scarcity. Most cosmetics contain anywhere from 60% to 90% water as product filler, since it’s cheap. However this requires the addition of artificial chemicals and preservatives to keep bacterial growth at bay, and retain a long shelf life. Water is often labeled as Aqua in the ingredients list.
    2. Waterfree skincare is excellent for your skin. Not only does it benefit dry and aging skin, but all skin types benefit from the active ingredients in natural skincare. Our formulations are jam packed with high concentrations of antibacterial ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that penetrate more deeply than water based skincare.
  • Our machinery is specially designed by our Chief Technology Officer, and hand assembled to assure that we avoid producing any waste. Our stainless steel machines are FDA approved, and NEMA. Every drop counts!


  • Shift remaining formulations to be 100% waterless by April, 2022.
  • Install Solar Power Panels for our manufacturing facility by 2025.


We currently have recyclable and reusable packaging, Our airless pumps are made of recyclable plastic, and our jars are made of recyclable glass. We also use bamboo components, including lids and pump parts.

Our packaging for the products is made of Recyclable Paper, be sure to dispose of this properly – we know it’s hard, because it’s so darn pretty!

Our packing material for shipments is made of dry moss. This is environmentally safe and biodegradable. Undyed Excelsior Moss is made from undyed, shredded wood fibers.


  • We are slowly weaning out the glass jars, replacing them with airless pumps. They are made of a recyclable acrylic material that is biodegradable, and also more convenient for customers to use. This will be fully implemented by August, 2022.
  • We strive to use recycled and recyclable paper for our packaging, and aim to have this implemented by 2023.


We currently distribute solely within the U.S, through USPS.


  • Obtain our COSMOS certification and Fair Trade certification in order to expand our market.
  • Join the 1% for the planet.


  • The greatest feature for our product is the all natural, organic products that we formulate. Avoiding fillers, artificial chemicals, and toxic preservatives. This makes what we make 100% safe for both skin and the environment. Per our testimonials, ViLAU formulations have yielded incredible benefits to our consumers, particularly in people who have skin problems like eczema, dryness, rosacea, burns, and scars. (Testimonials)


  • Improve our formulations to target specific skin disorders, while remaining entirely natural and safe. We want to expand our skincare and haircare lines to make it more easily accessible and effective to more people.
  • Provide more educational material on skincare, sustainability, and going natural on our Social Media accounts.


  • Our product contents are entirely biodegradable, so once you’re done with your ViLAU, you can rinse your jars safely without fear of contaminating anything. So rest easy going swimming in the ocean after latheting yourself up. And if you don’t want to keep your jars or pumps for other purposes, like a jewelry holder or even a jar for your own DIYs, then you can easily recycle them once you rinse them. It’s that simple. Even the boxes are recyclable, although people find it hard parting ways with the boxes, they’re just too pretty.

DIY ideas for reusing empty jars and pumps – check out our social media