Sustainably clean products

Our mission is to... 

  • Always utilize ancestral wisdom as our motivating force into today’s advanced digital platforms and technologically driven world.
  • Create 100% nature-based products while consistently considering every step in the value chain.
  • Be 100% in compliance with fair trade and green sustainable policies.
  • Be the company of choice for those shareholders and customers who embrace the best choices for our planet, for those who want to see a better future for our planet.
  • We seek to link sustainability and profitability together for everyone. 
  • And our ultimate goal is to have a carbon neutral all-natural skincare company BEFORE 2030.
Organic Aloe Vera produced on a small farm in Colombia



We want to achieve sustainability not only through working with products provided by nature, but by making sure that every step of the supply chain and sustainability journey, from product development to package and shipping practices, go hand in hand with strict compliance by certified organizations. Sustainability doesn’t stop at just manufacturing. It considers all steps of the value chain. Social responsibility is extremely important to us as well as our value chain sustainability. We cherish all of our farmers, artisans and suppliers as part of the ViLAU family. They are the reason we can create premium quality skincare products using only the best natural ingredients. We are passionate about building long-lasting relationships that guarantee employment within their communities so that they can thrive in their own livelihoods. We also donate to Nuevo Amanecer Fundaciòn, that takes care of children undergoing cancer treatments, providing them with a safe place to stay with their parents and all the essentials they need to be comfortable while undergoing this intense and harsh treatments. Everything created by ViLAU is with our planet, people and nature in mind.