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We are a high-end natural skincare company owned and managed by culturally and ethnically diverse women. Our motto is - no animal testing, no artificial chemicals, no waste.
Pursuing the American dream, our mission is to disrupt the skincare industry by creating one hundred percent organic, ethical and sustainable skincare products healthier for not only humans, but also the planet. ViLAU offers a solution to the critical levels of disconnection with nature in society. Not only has it become commonplace to put profits over the planet, our bodies also suffer from the commercial chemicals and toxins we pollute ourselves with, leaving us more vulnerable to disease. By creating skincare products with minimally impacting process that draws solely from the immense healing powers of nature, ViLAU is proud to take care of nature so that nature can take care of us. We cherish all of our farmers, artisans and suppliers as part of the ViLAU family. They are the reason we can create premium quality skincare products using only the best natural ingredients. We are passionate about building long-lasting relationships that guarantee employment within their communities so that they can thrive in their own livelihoods. Our company carries forward strong values of community, honesty and hard work to every level of the business.  

Meet the #chicasViLAU

ViLAU is a majority woman owned and managed company. All the members of the ViLAU team are first generation American immigrants. The chicas ViLAU work passionately to bring all the latest innovations in skincare to you, while using the cleanest ingredients nature has to offer. Our team is very diverse and extremely sustainability-conscious. These four amazing women bring a wealth of multicultural knowledge and traditional wisdom to our new home - Texas.

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